Bridging students to the resources that count

Finding the Tools You Need

Welcome to the online community dedicated to connecting pre-medical students with the resources they most need prior to applying to medical school. This site fosters the building of relationships between pre-med students and medical students at their schools of choice, consolidates various student internship opportunities, and offers a personalized writing center with medical students as mentors. 

Meet Medical Students from the School of Your Dreams

Want to know what it takes to get into your ideal medical school? Pre-MedConnect directly introduces you to students at many competitive schools around the nation, and allows you to reach out to them directly for advice on the application process and insight on what it is like to be a medical student at your top-choice school. At the Writing Center, these medical students can even serve as your mentors as you apply to medical school, offering MCAT tips, reviewing and editing your AMCAS application.